Color Blocking and Simple Pleasures Nail Polish Review



Hi again! I’m just posting up a storm the first couple days. I’m three days in a row, yes? Anyway, I’ve come with what is my favorite mani technique (even if it drives my boyfriend crazy because it’s “not symmetrical.” Whatever.) I discovered it through eleventhgorgeous on YouTube, and they called it the “color blocking” technique.

(A rare shot of my right hand, even though I’m a lefty.)

The technique is really simple: You use two colors, and on one hand you paint your thumb, pointer, and pinkie with the first color, and your middle and ring fingers with the second color. On your other hand, you reverse the order.

I’m also here to review the polishes I used for this manicure. The brand is called Simple Pleasures, and they’re $4.99 for a set of seven polishes, so not a bad deal. I picked mine up at Burlington Coat Factory, but I’ve read you can also get them at Ross and probably even T.J.Maxx. They’re all creme polishes (something I never seem to have enough of, even though I love them), and for the price, they’re not bad. I’ve seen a couple other reviews of this brand of polish from a couple years ago complaining that the brush was crap. It seems like they’ve massively improved upon the brush because I had no issues. However, the formula is a little runny, but it’s totally opaque in two coats.

I’m hoping to keep up this trend, I’m spending August doing the 31 day nail challenge, so let’s see if I keep it up everyday:

30 day nailchallenge

If you wanna join in, do so! It’s so much more fun when you do it with another blogger or two.


Dark Accent Nails



An accent nail manicure is one of my most favorite manicures to do (aside from one other, which I will hopefully be doing later in the week), because of its simplicity and classiness.

With this mani, I started with two coats of NYC Prospect Park Pink on all fingers but my ring finger. Prospect Park Pink is a shimmery bubblegum pink I’ve been clamoring for for a while. On my ring finger is two coats of NYC Battery Park Purple, a nice plum creme. I’m excited to test out and see what Battery Park Purple looks like with a matte top coat (I find that darker shades look better matte than lighter shades.

Welcome Post! Hauls and Recent Manicures


Hello! Welcome to The Polished Fangirl. Hauls, manis, and various fun with nails.

I’ll start off with my three most recent manicures, as well as a haul from yesterday.


This was my manicure from earlier this week (Monday, I believe). Essie’s Cocktail Bling (a beautiful grey with strong purple undertones) with NYC’s Matte Me Crazy as a top coat. (I HIGHLY recommend the Matte Me Crazy if you’re looking for a matte top coat. It does a wonderful job of mattifying without being as expensive as Matte Magic or Matte About You. It’ll run you about $2 after taxes. I got mine at Target.)


Next, I had a slight haul yesterday, and I apologize for not having individual pictures of the bottles. In the back row we have Kleancolor Red Crackle, Kleancolor Black, Kleancolor Silver Glitter, Kleancolor Ocean Waves, and Kleancolor Espresso. In the front row we have Color Club Top Coat, Color Club Magnetic Force, Color Club French Tip, and Color Club Shock Rock.


Since I’ve used crackle/shatter polishes in the past, my manicure of choice was the magnetic. Seen here with the Color Club Top Coat.


And then my most recent mani (for the time being). Newspaper nails with 10 Lacquer in Moonlight as the base color, and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry as the Top Coat.