31 Days of Manicures Day 3: Yellow Nails



Ugh I thought I cleaned these up before the picture. Oh well.

Today’s nails are yellow. I’m going to confuse you and say I started with two coats NYC In a Minute Little Italy, a white creme. Why the white? I get spotting when I use yellow polish by itself, and the white enhances the color. I then used one coat of Zoya Pippa, a deliciously bright yellow creme. Topped with NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat.

I have a few Zoyas but I tend to not use them a lot, and when I do use them I realize why I hardly do. They are so slow drying. I redid the manicure about four times before I got it right (I also changed white undercoat colors: I was originally using Color Club French Tip, but it was so thick and chalky. It felt like I was painting my nails with correction fluid. I do think it would make a good stamping polish, however.)

Overall, now that it’s worked, I love the manicure, but I will be excited to switch it up. I’m super excited for my green manicure tomorrow.


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