31 Days of Manicures Day 9: Rainbow Nails



I swore I wasn’t going to be such a cop out, and I swear I did try to not be. I originally was going to do the fishtail braid technique but have every swipe be a different color, but then it just looked a hot mess and wouldn’t even dry because there were so many layers to it.

So, the cop out. A Skittles mani (thumb is red).


Polishes used, from left (thumb) to right (pinky): 10 Lacquer And the Winner Is…, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed, Shades of the Season Yellow, Spoiled by Wet N Wild Permission to Proceed, and Milani Rad Purple. All are over two coats of NYC Little Italy. (Bonus teaser of stash in the background.) Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash.

I tried to use colors that I hadn’t previously used in earlier days, and with the exception of Sun Kissed (since it’s currently the only good orange I own), I managed to succeed. I also tried to avoid shimmers so the finishes would be somewhat similar, so these are all either cremes, jellies, or crellies.

Tomorrow they start to get difficult. Gradient nails, here I come.


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