31 Days of Manicures Day 17: Glitter Nails



Well, they’re pretty at least.

I’m just kidding, these weren’t that difficult. I only ended up having to redo one nail, really.

I started with one coat of Simple Pleasures Purple (only one because it’s pretty pigmented on its own, and I was only using it as undies for the glitter so it didn’t need to be 100% opaque), then glitter bombed with three coats of Sinful Colors Frenzy. I’ve owned Frenzy since the beginnings of my nail polish adventure, and picked it up because it looked so damn cool in the bottle, but have never gotten around to using it. Thankfully, it came out just as good on the nail as it did in the bottle, chock full of purple and teal glitters.

All is topped with NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat (because glitter manis should be as shiny as possible, methinks.)

Tomorrow is half moon nails, and I’m still torn at what exactly I’m going to do (yes, the day before and I’m still trying out color combinations).


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