31 Days of Manicures Day 20: Water Marbled Nails



Can you believe there’s only a week and a half left in the challenge? I can’t! Seems like that the month has just flown by (though that could have to also do with some other things that went on in my personal life this month, but I’m not sure.)

Anyway, onto the nails! Today was water marbled nails, and I love this look! (Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to do this successfully one other time, but I think I’ve gotten the kinks out and will be able to do more water marbles in the future!)

I started with two coats of Shades of the Season White (to let the colors pop), and then marbled with Zoya Yummy and Zoya Nina (that is one advantage to those Zoyas taking forever and umpteen years to dry is that they’re perfect for marbling!)

I’m still working on keeping the design constant on every nail (as you can see there’s some semblance of a pattern, but they’re still mostly a mishmash of marbled randomness), but otherwise I have the technique down. I’ve also learned that less is better when adding the drops to the water. (Compare the results of my only other successful marble.)

I also managed to tape over my nail when I was taping up my fingers. I didn’t get any polish pullage this time, but I did end up with white bald spots.

Overall, I’m content with the mani.

Tomorrow is Inspired by a Color day. Which, what?


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