31 Days of Manicures Day 26: Pattern Inspired Nails



I have never, not once this entire month, done a manicure just to stay caught up on the challenge and taken it right off after the pictures. Not once.

Until today.

Today was a bastion of fail. It started last night, when I swore up, down, left, right and center, that today was “Inspired by Artwork” day. So I was working on that mani, and I flubbed it also so I was going to just try it later. Then I was looking at my list to see what was coming up, and lo and behold, I was wrong about today the entire night. FML. And by the time I had realized it, it was too late to stay up and do them. So I was gonna do them this morning. No big deal.

Until a) I slept in, b) my original idea (argyle nails) didn’t work well on my short nails (I not only have nubbins right now, but also a really short nail bed and small fingers. I don’t have room to do much on my nails), and c) I had to work today. So I copped out, broke out the stamping plates, and came up with this mess.

Now, if I had had the time to take it wouldn’t have been so bad. But I didn’t, so it is.


That’s what I was trying to recreate. I started with two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Blu Blaze, and stamped using Color Club French Tip. Topped with NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat.

And now, tomorrow, for sure, is Artwork Inspired Nails. For sure. I promise.


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