Haul/Swatches: Anise, Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, Claire’s



I’ve got a huge haul/swatch for you right here, from my purchases a few days ago. Today was the first day off I had since I bought them so I finally had time to make this happen.

Since this will be kind of a long post, I’ll put the rest of it after the jump.

Okay, few notes before I start: with the exceptions of the colors I layered, all swatches are two coats. Also, I didn’t use my normal base and top coats for these swatches for the purposes of not wasting them (base and top coat is expensive, yo.) And if I haven’t mentioned my normal base coat before (I’ve mentioned all three of the top coats I use), it’s Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle.

For these swatches, I used Sinful Colors Base Coat (which was my go to base coat before purchasing the Nailgrowth Miracle), and Color Club Top Coat.


I first hit up DSW and bought two bottles of Anise polish, which I believe is only sold there, so if you have one near you, check it out.

The first polish I got was Money to Burn, which I thought was a teal to gold duochrome, but it turns out it’s just a teal with gold shimmer in it. It’s still gorgeous, but not the same kind of gorgeous I was expecting.


Next up is Wildcat, which is a coppery shimmer. This one was much truer to the bottle color than Money to Burn was. I could see myself using this as an accent nail to my Kleancolor Espresso or vice versa. Oooh or a gradient.

Then I hit up Wal-Mart. I went in looking for the Fing’rs Flirt Stamping Kit, and walked out with it as well as five polishes (one is a rebuy so I didn’t swatch it, I finally replaced my Celeb City. So happy)!


First up is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac, a pastel lavender creme. I’ve been clamoring for a color like this for a while and finally gave in and picked this one up. No complaints here, this one has the same pigmentation (opaque in one coat! *swoons*), same formula, and same application that I’ve come to expect from this line. I love everything about it.

I plan to try it in a water marble with Mint Sorbet.


Now here is Hard to Get in all it’s creamy white glory. I must note that this one is with no top coat, because I layered it with the Claire’s polishes I got. This is also a bit out of order cause I swatched Hard to Get last, but I wanted to keep my brands together.


I also got two polishes from Pure Ice. This one is Celestial, and it’s an amazing metallic blue shimmer. Wonderful formula too, totally opaque in two coats. I’ve also seen people use Pure Ices for stamping.


The next polish was Gold Dust. This one was really sheer, and I knew I would be unable to get it opaque on its own, and decided to layer it. I layered one coat of Gold Dust over two coats of 10 Lacquer Moonlight, and the picture doesn’t do this polish justice. It was nowhere near as spotty as the picture made it out to be, it was perfect.

And then I hit up Claire’s and purchased a couple of the glow in the dark polishes that have been lemmings for me for a while. I couldn’t decide between the light yellow and the green, but then the cashier was all, “Cosmetics are buy one get one half off,” so I got both (to my friends telling the cashier she didn’t know what she had done telling me that lol)


I put the green on my pointer and ring finger, and the yellow on my thumb, middle, and pinkie. Two coats over the two coats of Hard to Get.

I know these don’t look like much right now, but wait until the lights go off:


It looks like the yellow didn’t glow at all, but it did, the camera just didn’t pick it up well enough. Both colors are weaker than they appeared to be. It is, however, much much weaker than the green, so if I was going to use these in nail art, I’d go with the green.

So there you have it, my little haul/swatches/review. Whee! Next up is the DIY peel off base coat post.


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