31 Days of Manicures Day 31: Recreate Favorite Challenge



Are we really at the end of this challenge? It feels like it went by way too fast, wow.

Anyway, today is the LAST DAY of the challenge. Can you believe it?

Today I had to recreate my favorite challenge. And the one I had the most fun with was *drumroll* water marbling! Of course. I have a lot of fun with that one when it works, and lately it’s been working like a charm.

This manicure all started when I was testing out color combinations on fake nails, and did an orange and lime green combination, showed it to my boyfriend and he commented that it looked a little like rainbow sherbet. So I added in a pink and literally made rainbow sherbet.

Marbled Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green With Envy and Sun Kissed with Shades of the Season Pink over Sally Hansen Hard to Get. Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash.

I’m really proud of this marble, it’s my first successful one with three colors. There are a few dings (some air bubbles on my pinkie and I smudged my ring finger after putting on the top coat), but I can live with them.

So, that’s it. The challenge is OVER. Here’s a recap of all 31 days:


So, tomorrow the start of the Abstract Challenge.

Also, I’m going to attempt to start some regular posting everyday for when all these challenge posts are over (but I’m getting in the habit next month).

Monday – Makeup Mondays: Where I discuss beauty things other than nail polish.
Tuesday – Try it on Tuesdays: Where I break out an untried polish and show it some love.
Wednesday – Pink Wednesdays: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Based on a bit from the movie Mean Girls, where I’ll wear a manicure featuring a pink polish.
Thursday – Treatment Thursdays: Where I give a detailed review of a top coat, base coat, drying drop, or other fantastic non-polish thing that keeps my nails looking awesome.
Friday – Favorite Fridays: Where I show off a polish that has a permanent place in my stash.
Saturday – Smorgasbord Saturdays: Where I discuss things other than beauty.
Sunday – Stash Sundays: Admittedly taking a page out of Imperfectly Painted‘s book (though she uses a different name and did hers on Saturdays), this one will be slowly showing off my stash.


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