Abstract Challenge Day 15: Mani of my Choice



Simple mani, simple post. Sorry for the quickness.

Matte color blocking style with Nina Ultra Pro Emerald City and Pure Ice Celestial. Topped with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

And that’s it. No more challenge posting for the foreseeable future.


Abstract Challenge Day 14: New Tutorial



So, new tutorial. I assumed they meant one that was new to me. So, yeah.

I tried the spun sugar technique, using Shades of the Season Red as my base and Sally Hansen Hard to Get for the strings. Topped with Color Club Top Coat.

Another last minute one, so nothing major to say.

Abstract Challenge Day 13: Combo of Two



Two of these left.

Today was combo of two. I dithered over something to do for this, but then decided to be lazy. I went with dots and half moons.

I did a base of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Expresso topped it with Color Club top coat and let it go overnight, then did the half moons with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lickety-Split Lime. I did the dots with Wet N Wild Undercover and topped everything with a second coat of Color Club top coat.

Next up is a new-to-me tutorial.

Abstract Challenge Day 12: Water Marble



Point proven. Last minute again.

Okay, today, I was lazy. So instead of marbling all my hands, I did a marbled accent nail.

Painted all my fingers with Wet N Wild French White Crème, marbled with Zoya Pippa and Nina on the accent nail, painted the rest of my nails with just Pippa.

This mani proved to me I hate yellow on its own.

Next time on this challenge: Combo of two, and three more to go!

An Apology


There won’t be a Smorgasbord Saturday post this week, and I’ve decided to cancel the thing I was going to post for today as well.

I’m getting a little burnt out blogging everyday. I have to force myself to post at the last minute nowadays. It’s not fun anymore.

I’m gonna finish up the abstract challenge, and then starting in October my posts are gonna be rather sporadic, since I don’t wanna take a complete month long hiatus. Again, I apologize.

This also means the other weekly posts I’ve been doing won’t be weekly either, unless they’re ones I can combine with an Abstract Challenge post. For this week I believe that’s Try it on Tuesday and Treatment Thursday.

Abstract Challenge Day 11: Household Item



Today’s challenge is one I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I first saw these Ziploc bag nails when Nicole at Nail Polish Wars do them. I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet. That also happens to be my Favorite Friday polish for today. It’s a gorgeous one coater mint green. I love it, and I have yet to find a polish in that line I dislike. For the watercolor part, I used Shades of the Season Light Blue and Wet N Wild Tickled Pink. Tomorrow I start something I’ve planned when I realized the Black & White challenge ran short, then Sunday is water marble.

Black & White Challenge Day 10: Mani of My Choice



I’ve been looking forward to this mani since I decided to do the Black & White Challenge.

Simple newsprint nails today. All over a base of Sally Hansen Hard to Get.

Today is also Treatment Thursday and I have a new kind of treatment for you today.


This is my current nail polish remover. The Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone jar. I got it at WalMart.

What I love about this is that unlike other nail polish remover jars I’ve tried (the Sally Hansen ones), the Onyx Professional one has the remover sitting in a tub with plastic bristles, not in a sponge, so it works much better at removing polish than the sponges do. It’s also amazing at removing glitter polish, which is awesome when my POBC fails.

So, tomorrow is Household Item nails, then Saturday I start something new (not a true challenge, though.)