Abstract Challenge Day 2: Tape



Today I had to do a tape mani. I attempted to recreate one of my first manis when I first got into nail art:


And you can tell I’ve improved by leaps and bounds this time around.

Today, I started with two coats of LA Colors Nuclear Energy (bet you didn’t know those Dollar Tree polishes actually had names. They’re on the cardboard packaging that the polishes come in.). Then after taping, I used two coats of NYC Empire State Blue. Topped with NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat.

I’m pleased with how this mani turned out. I applied the purple last night, and let it dry overnight. I woke up to sheet imprints, but the top coat smoothed that all out. Since the purple had had plenty of time to dry, there was no polish pulling. The only hang up I had was that on my ring finger, I had tape that wouldn’t come off, so I had to add more purple to fix it, but it’s one of those things that you only notice if you’re informed of it.

Tomorrow is day 2 of the Black & White Challenge, White on Black. Wednesday is day 3 of this challenge, Splatter.


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