Abstract Challenge Day 4: V-Gaps



I have to admit, I had never heard of v-gaps until I heard of this challenge. and I love them! They’re rather simple.

I started with two coats of Wet N Wild Undercover, from their Megalast line. I’m not sure if this color was a part of their old Megalast line (I only have two bottles in the old design, and I got them on clearance as stores were doing the changeover), but it’s a staple of their new one. And I love the brush! One stroke and I’m good to go.

I might mention now, before I go on, that today is also my first Favorite Friday, and my first featured polish for Favorite Friday is Undercover. I just love everything about it. I even have a skirt that this polish is a dead on color match for.

Anyway, continuing with the manicure. I did the gaps with LA Colors Art Deco Sea Green. Oh man, filling those in with a striper brush was hard, but worth it. This color is perfect!

I topped this all with my newly restored Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash. I guess it just needed a few days to resettle. (The slight cloudiness on my pinkie isn’t from the top coat. I was cleaning out some bottles of polish to repurpose them and that’s a bit of white polish that got onto my fingers as I was doing so.)

Overall, I’m loving this look, but there are quite a few smudges due to the bottle cleaning so I’m anxious to take it off. Tomorrow is white with color nails, and then Sunday is needle marble nails.


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