Smorgasbord Saturday: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year



A Christmas post in September? What about Halloween? Have I forgotten? Oh no, I haven’t. This is because I am not talking about Christmas per se, but Yuletide.

The Yuletide I am referring to is the Yuletide Treasure fanfiction exchange. I have been writing fanfiction for about 16 years, and I have participated in Yuletide Treasure since 2008. (OMG this’ll be my fifth Yuletide? I’m a veteran now!)

For those who don’t know (most everyone reading, methinks), Yuletide Treasure is a fanfiction exchange for rare fandoms (TV shows/books/movies/what have you that didn’t even come close to, say, Harry Potter levels of popularity. Many of the fandoms that get written for during Yuletide only get written for during Yuletide). It falls around Christmastime every year and is done like a secret Santa (you don’t know who is writing for you, and you won’t know until after the New Year).

The process is thus: First, participants first nominate rare fandoms they would like to see fanfiction written in (used to be six nominations, it has now grown so much that the mods had to limit it to three in order to not kill their servers). Then, they sign up to participate, requesting a minimum of three but no more than four fandoms they definitely want to have fanfiction written in as well as offer a minimum of four but no more than ten fandoms they are willing to write fanfiction in for someone else. Participants are then matched with a) a recipient that requested fanfiction in a fandom they had offered, and b) a writer that offered fanfiction in a fandom they had requested. Then, we write, with stories due right before Christmas. At this point the stories are visible only by the author and the mods. On Christmas Day, the stories are revealed (but still anonymous), and the authors go public on New Year’s Day.

So, that still doesn’t explain why September? Well, the pre-nominations brainstorming post went up yesterday. This was pretty much my face:


I’ve then spent the last 24 hours coming up with nominations, and commiserating with other participants, and squeeing and just being all, YAY YULETIDE ZOMG.


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