Makeup Monday: Normal Routine


For today’s Makeup Monday, I decided to show off my usual products, what I use when I’m just doing my makeup to hang out.


As mentioned in last week’s post, I start with my primers. NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer on my face, Elf Eyelid Primer on my eyes.


Next is foundation and concealer, and I totally meant to put those together in one picture, but forgot and had to photograph the concealer last. Anyway, my foundation is the NYC Skin Matching Foundation in Light to Medium, and my concealer is Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Concealer in Medium.


Next up is the face. My usual blush and bronzer are both Wet N Wild. The blush is Pearlescent Pink, and the bronzer is Princess. I wear the bronzer less often than I do the blush, though. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it properly.


Now, I don’t use every single one of those eyeshadow palettes when I do my eyes, lol. But, I do use one of those four nearly everytime I reach for a palette. They’re all Maybelline, and from the top left they are Seashore Frost, Impeccable Greys, Amethyst Smokes, and Rose Tints. Below them is the Jordana Easyliner in black (no sharpening!) and my favorite mascara, Maybelline Lash Stiletto.


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