Geometric Challenge Day 01: Squares



I’m baaaack! I took a much, much, much longer hiatus than I expected to (I even had pictures taken for multiple review posts but never got around to actually making the posts. Oops.) There will be a few changes to the blog, but I’ll outline those in another post.

And, in the world’s biggest fit of irony (in my opinion), I’m back with a challenge. Though this one is only ten days long, I’m not trying to do it ten days in a row, and it’s the only challenge I’m doing, so it won’t be as much work for me, so I hopefully won’t feel so overwhelmed.

This challenge is one I came across via Tumblr. It’s called the Geometric Nail Art challenge and it was created by Stephanie at Sincerely Stephanie Nails.


I started with a couple coats of Color Club French Tip, then one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Chartreuse Chase (Chartreuse Chase is kinda sheer, so I used the white so I wouldn’t have to build it up). For the squares I painted a couple coats of Wet N Wild Graphite onto a piece of Scotch tape and let it dry before cutting it into squares and sticking them onto my nails. Then I topped it with Nutra Nail High Gloss Top Coat



This top coat is not bad for regular manicures, but it’s very streaky when dealing with nail art, so I would use one of my other top coats for that.


I haven’t decide the posting schedule I’m going to have for the challenge, it’s either going to be every other day or every three days.

And here’s the full challenge so you know what’s coming up:



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