Geometric Challenge Day 02: Round



Another day, another geometric challenge post! Today’s theme was round, and I went simple and broke out the dotting tools. To make it seem a little less simple, I also went with a color blocking pattern.




I used all Simple Pleasures polishes for this look. On my left hand, I used Orange on my thumb, index, and pinkie, with Dark Pink for the dots, and Blue/Teal on my middle and ring fingers, with purple for the dots.



On my right hand, I reversed the colors. Pardon the horrible smudging on my right thumb. This is all topped with Color Club top coat.

I forgot how much I loved the color blocking technique, and how pretty the Simple Pleasures nail polishes were. I would have liked to do something different with the dots, but oh well. Next time (it’s looking like Saturday) will be triangles. In the mean time I’m hoping for a random swatch post or two of polishes I bought or got as gifts during my hiatus.


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