Tri-Polish Challenge Day 01



Yes, you’re reading this right. Another challenge. Um, oops? Anyway, this one is from Crumpet’s Nail Tarts on Facebook.


So, how this challenge works is that each month, three colors are posted to the Facebook group, and everyone who is participating chooses a polish for each color, and they must use those same three polishes throughout the month (however, white, black, silver, gold and glitter are freebies). Challenge posts are made on the third and fourth Tuesday and Thursday of each month. At least two polishes of the three must be used in every manicure, and every color must be used at least once. The only requirement is the color used, we can use whatever techniques that inspire us.


This month’s colors were coral, green, and purple. For my coral I chose Wet N Wild Blazed, for my green I chose Nicole by OPI One Time Lime, and for my purple I chose Shades of the Season Purple. I’m hoping choosing the darker purple won’t come back to bite me later this month, since I chose it due to the technique I did today.






I started with a color blocking technique using One Time Lime and Blazed, then used the water spotted technique with the purple.





I was a little frustrated with this technique, but like when I started water marbling, I probably just need to practice it a little more to get it the way I want. On a few of the fingers, I either used too much alcohol or sprayed too far away, and the spots were too small so I feel there’s too much purple on them.



But as you can see, this wouldn’t have worked as well with a lighter purple, which is why I picked the Shades of the Season polish. However, I’m worried it won’t work out with future designs. Oh well, that’s part of the challenge.

Tomorrow is curves for the geometric challenge, then Thursday is day 2 of this challenge, then Friday I’ll be posting the mani I originally intended to post today.


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