Double Challenge Entry!



Today is a double challenge entry post, because I couldn’t post yesterday due to computer issues. It’s my entry for Curved in the Geometric challenge, as well as my second entry for the Tri-Polish Challenge.


On my thumbs I used two coats of my chosen purple, Shades of the Season Purple. On my index fingers I used two coats of my chosen green, Nicole By OPI One Time Lime, and on my pinkies I used three coats of my chosen coral, Wet N Wild Blazed. As accent nails, I used all three of those in a water marble over Wet N Wild French White Creme.



I really like the ring finger on my left hand, and I love the middle finger on my right hand. That one is my favorite by far. I was also pleasantly surprised with how well the three colors looked marbled together.

Tomorrow will be the manicure I had originally planned for Tuesday before finding the Tri-Polish challenge, then the next post for any challenge is Sunday’s Geometric Challenge post, Straight.


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