Alphabet Challenge Week 01



Trying out a slightly different background today, what do you think?

I swear I have non-challenge posts in the wings.

But this one is run by Erica’s Nails and More (and with a name like that, how can I not participate?). Once a week on every Sunday for the next 26 weeks, I’ll be posting either a polish color, polish brand, or technique starting with that week’s letter. And since this is the first week, today’s letter is…


“A”! And “A” is for… Anise! Anise is a brand that is sold at DSW Shoe Stores in the US.



This particular shade is called Money to Burn, and it’s a deep shimmery teal. I did two coats of it, topped it off with my Color Club top coat and then on my thumb and ring finger I taped off my nail similarly to my Think Pink mani, but this time painted with NYC Matte Me Crazy over the exposed nail.

I expected this to come out a lot better, but the color difference between the glossy version and the matte version was so slight that you can’t really tell. Oh well, I’ll have to try it out with a different color, cause I do really like the effect.

I have the next few days off so I should be able to finish my swatch fest and get those posted. Then I might have a video post if I can get around to shooting it, otherwise I’ll probably do it in pictures.

See you then!


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