Adminly Type Stuff


I do have my Alphabet Challenge mani for this week coming up, but before I get to that I wanted to make a short announcement about some changes I made to the blog (nothing major).

I’ve renamed the categories for all of the themed posts I had set up back in September, mostly because it gave me a lot more freedom when it came to posting. I’ve removed the day of the week from the category names, so favorites don’t have to be confined to Fridays, untrieds on Tuesdays, etc. It also alleviates some self-inflicted pressure to post favorites on every Friday, or untrieds on every Tuesday and so forth.

The new category names are:

Makeup Monday —> Makeup and More
Try it on Tuesday —> The Untried Files
Pink Wednesday —> A Little Pop of Pink
Treatment Thursday —> The At Home Salon
Favorite Friday —> Most Favorites
Smorgasbord Saturday —> Randomosity
Stash Sunday —> Stash Spam

I’m not gonna rename the posts I had made under the old categories, this is just going forward, so keep a lookout! The first post under the new categories is most likely going to be an “At Home Salon” post.


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