Tri-Polish Challenge Day 05


Hello hello! It’s that time again. What time, you say? Why it’s Tri-Polish Challenge time!

You guys should know the drill, but there’s a refresher in my first post from last month here if you need it.

For this month the colors are orange, pink, and turquoise. My pink and turquoise are both unnamed, the pink by Shades of the Season and the turquoise is by Simple Pleasures. My orange is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed. I was hoping to give a different orange some time to shine, since Sun Kissed is my go to, but when I swatched on my nail wheel my other two (Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up and LA Colors Shock) but both The Fanboy and I agreed they didn’t compare at all.

I started with two coats of each color in random places (on my right hand I went with Sun Kissed on my thumb and ring finger, the pink on my pointer and middle, and the turquoise on my pinky), then taped off in random places and picked a different of the three colors to paint over where the tape wasn’t exposed.

On my left hand I did the turquoise on my thumb and middle finger, Sun Kissed on my pinky, and the pink on my pointer and ring finger.

Couple things I would have done differently: 1. I wouldn’t have done pink over the turquoise, because it turned the pink purple (I’ve seen a couple other people who had their oranges turn brown over turquoise). 2. I noticed I did a turquoise/orange combo on both thumbs. Oops.

Check out the other girls’ manis in the link below, and check back on Thursday for what I’ll do for April day 2/day 6 overall.


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