The At Home Salon: The Manicure Kit


And bonus candy cane! Woo!

This post has been a long time coming. I have been teasing it probably since I brought the blog out of hiatus, and here it finally is! (The reason for the delay was that I kept telling myself, “Oh, once I get this item to add to the kit, I’ll post.” And I finally got the last few items I was looking for.) Keep reading to see what I use to keep my hands, cuticles and nails in tip top shape.


Moisturizing Hand Soap: I feel that all the lotions and creams in the world will be pointless if you don’t have a decent hand soap. And what I classify as “decent” really boils down to “moisturizing,” since this one is one I picked up at Dollar Tree because The Fanboy and I needed hand soap. This one is the best of both worlds, moisturizing (which is what I desired), and antibacterial (what The Fanboy desired).


The Somerset Toiletry Company Shea Butter Exfoliating Salt Scrub: For the longest time I was wary of using scrubs, because of a skin condition (I’ll go into it later), but it seems to be in remission right now, so I can scrub away to my heart’s content! This is a new purchase (courtesy of The Fanboy on Friday!) and I’m still trying to figure out the proper way to use it (I used it that night but it left my hands so greasy I don’t know what I did wrong. It was like there was oil on my hands, it wasn’t rinsing away. Oh well, more experimenting needed. (If you’re looking to pick this up yourself, I would check TJ Maxx or Marshall’s in the US, Winners in Canada, and TK Maxx in the UK.)

Bodycology Exfoliating Sugar Scrub in Toasted Vanilla Sugar: On the other hand, I love this. This was a belated birthday present from a friend of mine, and I don’t regret having her getting it for me at all. It’s gentle, it does a fantastic job exfoliating, it smells like heaven, and it rinses clean! I picked this up at Target

So why the salt scrub as well? I figured it’d be good to have both, and that way I can do a massive comparison of both of them at a later date.


Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Hand Cream: I’ve had this for so long the product doesn’t even exist anymore! (B&BW discontinued all their Signature Collection hand lotions/scrubs/etc when they introduced the True Blue Spa line.) I got this for Christmas years ago, probably from my dad. It’s currently my go-to hand cream, I love it! (And Cucumber Melon was my B&BW scent to the bitter end, I was devastated when they discontinued it.)

L’Occitane Hand Cream in Pivione Flora and Shea: These were both gifts from the bestie. I haven’t had a chance to really play with either of them, but I’ve heard good things about the brand, so I’m excited to give them a shot.

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion with Aloe: This is my go to travel lotion. I stick it in my purse or pocket and go!

California Nails Emery Board and Four Way Buffing Block: More Dollar Tree finds. I don’t have much to say about them, they do their job.

The Color Workshop Electric Manicure Set: This was a Christmas gift from my sister, and I believe it can be picked up at Walmart around that time of year. I’ve always wanted one of these, so it was really cool that she got it for me! I really like this, and then to reach for it more often than the emery board and buffing block nowadays.


Donna Michelle Six Piece Manicure Set: Yet another Dollar Tree score (sensing a trend here?). I picked this up precisely for the rubber cuticle pusher since I had been pining for one (I have never pushed back my cuticles before, and I’d seen and read time and time again that a rubber pusher is good for beginners), and the only other one I’d seen that didn’t require buying on the Internet was in a $10 pedicure set at Target (this one to be specific), and I didn’t feel like spending that kind of money for one thing I wanted, five things I would never use. I also like the other things that come in it. The only thing I’ll probably never use are the toe separators, but that’s only a waste of 33 cents (opposed to the $8.33 I would have wasted with the other kit).

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: Another thing I had been pining for, and finally got courtesy of The Fanboy. I think I need to use it a few more times before I see any change, because as I said before, I’d never done anything with my cuticles until now.

Extra Nail Brush: I think this was in a kit I got when I first got into nail polish a year or so ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing that remains. This means I now have two (since there’s one in the Donna Michelle kit) and I okay with that.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream: Another birthday gift from the same friend who got me the sugar scrub. I love love love this. This is the only one I’ve used, so I won’t say it’s the best I’ve used, since I have nothing to compare it to yet, but it’s deserving of the hype that’s for sure.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil: My best friend got this as a free gift at Beauty Brands some time… last year, I wanna say, and she had no use for it so she passed it on to me, since I’m known as “the nail polish girl” in my circles (see: how many of these items were a gift, lol). I like this, it does its job. I tend to use this when I’m doing a full mani, and then just use the cuticle cream for daily touchups.

So there you have it, everything I use to keep my hands and nails and cuticles looking good!

So, I’m doing some assessing on my blog, and I can’t tell you when my next post will be or what it’ll be. (It might my belated Girly Girl Challenge post, but I’m a little annoyed at my nails right now, I suffered two breaks on my swatching hand, and it’s kind of made me not motivated to do nail art.)


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