Sunday Stamping: Over a Lilac Base


I know I totally mangled my index finger. I had already redone it once and ran out of time to do it again.

It’s been a long time since I did a stamping manicure, and I figured it’s high time I did one. And, it just so happens that I joined the Adventures in Stamping group on Facebook, which does stamping themes on Sundays.

(You can really see how I fudged up the index finger in this one. *sigh*)

This week’s theme was stamping over a lilac base. I started with Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, then stamped with Color Club French Tip and Salon Effects plate SE19 (my stamping plate selection is slim right now, I just have the Salon Effects plates, a Fing’rs plate, and a Konad plate. I would like to rectify this someday.)

Not bad for my… second or third stamping job… something like that. I’ll be definitely getting a lot practice in though, having to stamp once a week.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Stamping: Over a Lilac Base

    • Thank you!

      Stamping has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s really fun once you get the hang of it! The set this plate came from is a really good starter set, IMO. It’s $10, comes with 5 plates, a scraper, and a stamper (though I do not recommend using the scraper that comes in the kit. It’s horrible! I use an old gift card as a scraper and it works much better.)

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