MSMD Monday: Matte Leopard Print


Oh, hello! Two posts in two days?! I haven’t done that in weeks, lol. Anyway, it’s time for yet another sorta kinda challenge post because yeah. This one is another one put on by the Nail Tarts. It’s “Monkey See, Monkey Do Mondays,” where we take a mani we saw on the Internet and recreate it (with credit).

(Source: Devilishdesigns.)

For my first MSMD Monday, I recreated a mani from Kelly from Devilishdesigns. I saw the mani on her Tumblr and loved it. It’s a matte leopard print mani.

Now, I had NONE of the same polishes Kelly used in her mani, so I improvised with ones I did have. She used Essie Sand Tropez for the base, and Zoya Sarah for the red in the spots. I used elf Nude for my base (proper swatching due for this polish, it’s lovely), and Wet N Wild graphite for the spots. She also used acrylic paint for the black, but I only have neon acrylics, so I used Kleancolor Black. Topped with Color Club top coat (which smeared my black. :(), then with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

It was my first time doing freehand leopard print, and it was really easy! I was surprised, and a little proud, of the finished look, save for the smearing.


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