Ovarian Cancer Awareness #WOCD


Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day, designed to spread awareness for ovarian cancer. It’s a cancer with a very low survival rate, no cure, and very little awareness. (Notice how it gets one day, but breast cancer gets a whole month?) Because of this, a bunch of us Nail Tarts have gotten together to create teal manis (teal is the ovarian cancer awareness color) to help the cause.

I have been fortunate enough that I haven’t been put through the pain of losing someone to this very deadly disease, but I still want to show my support to those who have, or are fighting it/watching someone fight it.

I started out with LA Colors Atomic, then taped off my nails in random spots, then painted over it with Wet N Wild Teal or no Teal. I decided to do it that way because that way my mani is entirely teal, but the different finishes (Atomic being a cream and Teal or no Teal being a shimmer) caused the two polishes to stand out against each other.

I still think they’re both a little too similar than I’d like, but I like the overall effect.

Here’s hoping this one day can turn into a whole month one of these days.

View what the other ladies did for their teal manicures by clicking here:


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