Stampin’ and Stripin’



I’m on a roll with these manis this week! Go me! This one is kinda doing double duty. First, I got to play with my new striping tapes that I got yesterday, and second, it’s my first of four manis for The Nail Challenge Collaborative‘s May challenge of stamping.


On my thumb, index finger and pinkie, I started with two coats of Anise Wildcat. On my two middle fingers, I used one coat of Wet N Wild Undercover. On the fingers where I started with Wildcat, I randomly placed three pieces of striping tape, then painted over it with Undercover. On the fingers where I started with Undercover, I stamped on them using Fing’rs plate B41 and Wildcat.



I had tried striping tape once before (a store in my local mall sold it, but at a highly inflated rate, like $4-$5 for ONE ROLL, lol), and it was a fail so I had sworn off the stuff for a long time, but I was seeing all the the awesome looks people were doing with it so I gave it a second shot and I was much more successful this time around. I got my tape this time around through Cheeky’s Amazon store (yup, the stamping plate people), and paid $8.99 for 30(!!) rolls. I have no idea what I’m ever going to do with 30 rolls of striping tape, lol. I’m set for a long time to come.

I hope to have some more looks coming up in the next few days (I have a Sunday Stamping look and I’m hoping to have one more coming up.)

Also, I have seen a few bloggers do round up posts on Sundays in case anyone missed any. Would that be something you guys are interested in on my blog?

ETA: Apparently this is my 100th post! Woo go me! I’m in the beginning stages of planning a giveaway (for a multitude of reasons: my return to blogging, 30 FB fans, 10-now-20 liked posts on WordPress, the list goes on!), so we’ll just add “100 blog posts!” to the list.


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