Comparison: Sally Hansen Celeb City vs. NYC Tribeca Silver



Quick! Which of my nails have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City on them, and which have NYC In a Minute Tribeca Silver on them?


Did you get it right?


Today’s post is going to be a comparison of the two. Are they dupes? Which is better?

Both of these polishes are, AFAIK, core collection polishes, and both are very affordable drugstore polishes (Celeb City runs around $2.50, Tribeca Silver around $2.)

On my fingers I have two coats of Celeb City and three coats of Tribeca Silver. Point for Celeb City.

The formula on Tribeca Silver was also a lot runnier than that on Celeb City. I had to be extra careful to prevent cuticle flood. (I’ve noticed metallics as a finish tend to have runny formulas, cause Celeb City’s is pretty thin as well, but Tribeca Silver’s was even more so than usual.)

They’re both relatively glossy on their own (my swatches are without top coat), and they both dried relatively quickly.

Are they dupes? It’s really hard to do a silver foil metallic uniquely without altering color and risking turning your silver metallic into a gunmetal metallic, so with enough coats you could probably get the same amount of coverage and you could say Tribeca Silver is a dupe of Celeb City. But it’s kinda like saying Sinful Colors Snow Me White is a dupe of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. So yeah, they’re “dupes,” but they’re dupes of a staple color. But as far as formula and opacity go, I say spend the extra fifty cents on Celeb City and skip Tribeca Silver.


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