The At Home Salon: Freehand Nail Art Tools


(Couple items got missed in this preview collage since I’d forgotten about them until I started tagging my post, lol. Also, my brushes are missing from the post because they’re currently in storage, and I didn’t feel like going all the way there just to grab them. Also not pictured are my water marbling supplies, but that’s a plastic cup and some water.)

Another slightly different post from me today. I’ve built up quite the collection of nail art tools and supplies, but I don’t think I’ve ever spotlighted any of them. So today I’ve decided to spotlight everything I’ve got!

This is not going to include my stamping gear, that’s going to be in another post.


First up are what is probably a nail art fanatic staple, a set of 5×2 dotting tools. I got mine on Amazon, and I picked this set simply because it wasn’t the multicolored argyle like print that everyone else seems to have. (Besides, they’re PURPLE!) I don’t know if you can get this particular set anymore, but I’ve seen a similar one but in blue on Amazon.


Tape! You guys know how much I love my tape. Up top are my 30 rolls of striping tape from Cheeky, and on the bottom is regular tape, in both 1/4” and 3/4” sizes. I also plan on picking up some 1/8” tape one of these days.


Hole reinforcements and French tip guides, because I suck at doing tips and half moons freehand.



Acrylic paints! As you can see I have to kinds of acrylic paints. The ones in the jars are from Wal-Mart, and are my newest nail art arsenal addition. The Fanboy got these for me just the other day. The ones in the bottles are from Michael’s. The Delta Creative ones were originally purchased for something other than nail art, but weaseled their way into the pile once I bought the Craft Smart ones.


Flocking powder! I love this stuff but I don’t use it quite enough. (Though, with summer right around the corner and bright colors becoming on trend again, they might get some more use, especially with texture being the in thing right now.) Another Michael’s purchase.


And last but not least, alcohol. This is for doing newspaper nails, something else I love but don’t do nearly enough. (I’m on the hunt for the perfect “newsprint” polish color, if anyone has any suggestions. I thought I had it, but the polish is far too sheer.) I also have some in a smaller, spray bottle, that I use for water spotting.

I’m on the hunt for some more things to add to the club (Not only the 1/8” tape I mentioned, but a set of microbeads and some striper brushes), so if you have something you’ve got in your collection that you can’t live without, let me know in the comments.


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