MSMD Monday: Monochrome Mix ‘n’ Match



Hey guys! I’m back for another MSMD Monday post, and this time I was inspired by two lovely ladies on YouTube! I first saw a variation of this look on cutepolish’s channel, and then I saw it on Dearnatural62’s channel.

While neither look is at all similar to mine, that’s the point. The point is to do each nail in your own personal style, but the connection is in the colors: Use only black and white. So, I did.




On my thumb, index, and pinkie fingers I started with two coats of Color Club French Tip, and on my two middle fingers I used two coats of Kleancolor Black. On my thumb I water marbled with Shades of the Season Black and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Invisible. On my index finger, I taped it off and added a coat of the Kleancolor. On my middle finger I did a half moon with French Tip. On my ring finger, I did dots with French Tip. On my pinkie I added a coat of Sally Hansen Ink Splatter.

My favorite nails were my pointer and my ring finger. The Fanboy loved the thumb and the pointer, but I wish the black hadn’t merged into the clear.

Tomorrow starts Tri-Polish Challenge again! Woohoo!


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