Tri-Polish Challenge Day 09



♪ It’s the most wonderful time of the monthhhh… ♫

To say I don’t get extremely excited when Tri-Polish Challenge time rolls around again would be a lie. I simply adore it! I anxiously await being able to use my colors together, I love seeing what polishes everyone else chose to represent the colors, I love seeing how everyone comes up with something completely different (well… most of the time, anyway.)


Refresher on the rules here if you can’t remember.

This month’s colors were blue, gray, and red. Surprisingly, I did this without picking a polish by Shades of the Season or Simple Pleasures this time around! For my blue, I went with Revlon Royal, for my gray I went with NYC Sidewalkers, and for my red I went with Color Club Mamba. Mamba wasn’t going to be my red at first, but I purchased the Fiesta Collection recently and fell in love with it, so I decided to switch it up at the last minute.




So, remember how I mentioned that everyone comes up with different looks most of the time? Well, today is one of those times that isn’t most of the time, lol. I had had this manicure in my head for weeks, and I knew this is what I was doing. Come to find out that at least two other people also did cloud manis today, one of which used the colors in the same order I did. Oops.

To be somewhat unique, I went matte with my look, so I also got the monthly matte look out of the way.

Check out what the other ladies did by clicking the image below, and check back Thursday to see what else I came up with with these colors.


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