Stamping Plate Shopping Fun!


Products reviewed were purchased by me.


Hello again! Today I’ve got a bit of an involved post for everyone today. First it’s a product review, and second it’s my third manicure for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Stamping Challenge.

So, the winner of this week’s Adventures in Stamping theme (that post, as always, will be Sunday) was posted and it required that I have a French tip plate (well, the idea I have in my head does, anyway), and I remembered seeing this Stamping kit in Claire’s the last couple times I was in there, and I knew it had a French tip plate in the kit, so I begged The Fanboy and he was awesome and amazing and awesomely amazing and let me go ahead and get it so I’d be set for Sunday. And, I figured, I’d give a little bit of a review of it and then use the resulting nail art for TNCC.

As seen above, the kit contains three plates, a mini bottle of stamping polish, a stamper and a scraper. The only thing I didn’t review was the scraper, as I don’t use metal scrapers on my plates.

Warning: slightly image heavy.

First up, a look at the plates. Unfortunately, the plates aren’t numbered, so I’ll just have to refer to them by description.


This plate is a plate of full nail designs (henceforth known as, obviously, “full nail design plate”). I really like the lines image and it’s nice to have a cheetah/leopard print image now. I also like how wide the designs are.


Next is the French tip plate. What I like about this one is that it reuses the same designs from the full nail design plate, so you could mix and match them. What I don’t like is that the remaining French tip is an outline, not a filled in design, so you have to freehand the middle.


And, finally, the “regular” design plate. I really like the stars and the peace signs, even if they are a bit juvenile (the product is marketed to tweens/teens, after all.) And that butterfly is gorgeous!


This is a size comparison of the stamper from the kit to the one I normally use, the one that came in my Salon Express kit. The Claire’s one is pretty comparable to the large end of the Salon Express one, but is a lot shorter, as can be seen in the first image.


A width comparison of the full nail designs from the full nail design plate in the Claire’s kit to the only other full nail design plate I own, Salon Express SE22. As you can see the designs on the Claire’s kit are much wider than the designs on the Salon Express kit. I really like that about them.

And now, on to the nail art!





I didn’t want to spoil the surprise at the beginning of the post, so I didn’t mention it, but this was also my attempt at stamping over a textured polish. I got some nail mail in yesterday, two of the Milani Textured Creams (which were a pain to find. I asked at three Walgreens: one that didn’t even carry Milani, and the other two did carry Milani, but had taken their Textured Creams displays down a week before I went to go look. I ended up buying them from Milani’s website), both of which I used in this mani. The red is Tainted in Red, and the purple is Purple Streak.

I used the full nail design plate, the polish that came with the kit, and alternated between my Salon Express stamper, and the Claire’s stamper. I would say that the Claire’s stamper worked just as well as, if not better than, the Salon Express stamper. The polish is a little on the thin side and not as opaque as I’d like, but it doesn’t stamp poorly. And the plate? The plate was absolutely perfect! The etching is nice and deep and I had no problem with parts of the design not transferring to the stamper. I admit I need some more practice with full nail designs (since before now, I’ve only owned the SE22 plate which is too small for even my small nails, I rarely ever use it), and there were some issues working around the texture of the Milani polishes, but overall I call this look a win, and I call the Claire’s stamping kit a worthy purchase.

The Claire’s stamping kit is $10USD and available at Claire’s stores or on the Claire’s website. In stores there’s also a second kit with three more plates that have a bit of a… gothic theme, I wanna say. Tattoo looking designs, skull and crossbones, things like that. I want that kit as well, however I can’t afford it right now.

Tomorrow is day 2 of May’s Tri-Polish challenge, and I have another stamping mani on Sunday for my Sunday Stamping post. Friday and Saturday are up in the air.


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