Tri-Polish Challenge Day 11


It’s not a Tri-Polish set if I don’t have a blurry picture in on post, huh? Ugh and I always realize these after I’ve taken off the mani.

Also, I want to apologize for missing MSMD yesterday. I had the polishes out and ready to go, but then I fell asleep. 😡

Hello! It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for my third look for May’s Tri-Polish Challenge. As a recap, my colors are Color Club Mamba (red), Revlon Royal (blue) and NYC Sidewalkers (gray).



I struggled with what I was going to do today (I’m quickly running out of ideas that I haven’t done yet.) until I remembered I’ve been wanting to try out the “acid wash” technique for a while, so that’s where I went with this today!

I started with Mamba, then Sidewalkers, then Royal. Then I took cotton buds dipped in acetone to eat away at the upper layers to let the colors beneath show through.

I’ve got one more look with these colors on Thursday. So sad! Tri-Polish goes by so fast, it seems. But I have one more post for TNCC’s stamping month, and an Adventures in Stamping mani, and who knows what else? I would love to allow myself to do NOTD and swatch posts as well.


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