Sunday Stamping: A Insect-tastical Stamping Sandwich



Happy Sunday everyone! That means it’s time for another Adventures in Stamping themed mani, and this week’s theme was butterflies or dragonflies, and I decided to do both!




So I let The Fanboy pretty much control this mani. All I picked out were the actual polishes, he picked out the colors and the images I used. I started with two coats of Spoiled Permission to Proceed, a bright green jelly. I then alternated with the butterfly stamp from Salon Express plate SE18 and the dragonfly from SE19, using the polish that came with my Claire’s kit. I then added one more coat of Permission to Proceed to make a squishy jelly stamping sandwich then added top coat.

Other than my stamping fails, I’m pretty pleased with this mani.

Have you ever tried a stamping sandwich before?


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