Neon and Gray, An Unlikely Combo



A new month, a new challenge theme at The Nail Challenge Collaborative. This month’s theme is neon, and I decided to start with a color combo I am seeing a lot lately: neon with gray. I’ve seen a lot of items come through my line at work and it inspired me: yellow and gray tank tops, gray running shoes with pink edging and laces, etc. So, I wanted to see how that combination translated to my nails.




I started with Color Club French Tip, then did skittles with, from thumb to pinky: DARE Colors Bold Move, Natural Flirt, Heating Up, Social Magnet, and Milani Rad Purple. The Fanboy feels like Rad Purple doesn’t really fit, but I argued that it’s from Milani’s Neon collection (I said to him, “It says neon ON THE BOTTLE!”), and he relented, saying that purple is hard to do neon. I then taped off a section in the middle of all my nails using my 1/8” art tape (or better known to me as, “triple width striping tape,” lol) and added two coats of NYC Sidewalkers.

I do have to admit, the combination is really really nice, and they go together. No wonder I’m seeing it a lot.

Check below to see what everyone else did with their neons this week.


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