MSMD Monday: Neon Crackle



Wow, it’s been a while since I did a Monkey See, Monkey Do mani! I really should get back on that. Anyway, today’s mani is actually a double MSMD. I was inspired by Lovely in Lacquer, and she was inspired by Aborm Nail Behavior.

Today’s mani is also my second mani for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Neon month.



(I need to work on my gradient clean up. :/)

So, the initial point of the post that started this chain reaction was to find a new use for crackle polishes, by doing a standard gradient, but over a base of white crackle, and I would say it was successful. But for as much as I love crackle polishes, I realized I lacked a white. Black? Sure. Gold and silver? Yup. Red? Two of them. Even own blue and two shades of purple. But white? Nope. And since crackle was 2011’s trend polish, finding one in this day and age was going to be hard. Sally Hansen discontinued theirs, I’ve only found OPI shatters in two packs at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, NYC never made a white crackle (and I haven’t seen the NYC crackles since I bought mine in January.) So I put a bunch of white crackle polishes on my wishlist, and told myself once I found one of them, that would fulfill the wish.

And lo and behold, at a shoe store in my local mall of all places, I found a whole display of LA Girl’s Cracked collection. One of which so happened to be a white (the collection namer). Jackpot! I stuck it in my hot little hand, begged The Fanboy to buy it for me, and was a very happy little fangirl for the rest of that night.

It took me until today to actually use it though. I learned from the Abnorm Nail Behavior post that this technique works best if you do the crackle over a clear coat. My initial testing was with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Invisible, but I wasn’t getting the crackle I wanted over that one, so I used my Color Club top coat underneath the crackle for the actual look (I have a backup that came with my Fiesta Collection, and I have a good number of top coats, lol.)

For the gradient I used three of the polishes from the Simply Sweet four pack I picked up at work last week: Bright Pink, Bright Yellow, and Bright Green. They aren’t “true” neons (they dry glossy), but they seemed brighter than the four pack we have for sale that is actually touted as “neon.”

Other than the cleanup snafu, I’m pretty proud of this look. I’m going to try it again for certain (and I’ve also been trying out different ways to use the white crackle).

Check out what the other monkeys did here:

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