Tri-Polish Spotlight: Wet N Wild Blazed



Good morning everyone! A little early post for me, but since I’m awake anyway (and have two posts for you for the next few days), I figured I’d write this up really quick.

This is a feature I first saw on Joyluscious and when I asked if I could snag it for my own blog she not only said I could, she said I should! lol. I’m giving it a slightly different name than she did, but the sentiment is the same: to swatch the polishes used during the Tri-Polish Challenge.

I’m a little behind (okay a lot behind), and would like to be caught up before this month’s challenge, hence the two posts a day.

Also, keep in mind that these swatches are over a couple of days, so you’ll notice these are before the cuts on my fingers (that I’m “bravely” baring through, lol)



No better place to start than the beginning, so we have Wet N Wild Blazed. Blazed is a bright coral jelly and these pictures show three coats plus top coat. Other than the needing three coats (and those were rather thick coats, IIRC), the formula wasn’t bad on it. Easy to apply, no cuticle flood, no streakiness and it’s self leveling. If it were a little more opaque, I’d love it!

So, I’m gonna get through May’s colors by the end of the week, and then start with posting June’s colors next week, and then keep up with it throughout the year.


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