Tri-Polish Spotlight: Simple Pleasures Turquoise



We’re at the last of April’s polishes, and the last of the swatches I’ve already done (which means I’ve already starting doing more swatching).

This is Simple Pleasures Turquoise.



Two coats, plus top coat.

This has always been my #1 choice for turquoise from the moment it was announced. However, after checking out pictures of actual turquoise on our phones, The Fanboy and I agreed it wasn’t quite turquoise enough, so I picked a different polish.

Then it got closer to April and I was doubting the color I had picked and was wanting to go back to this one, so we looked at pictures of turquoise again, this time on our computers, and became skeptic as well, saying that now this polish was the better choice, but that ultimately either one would work. So I went with this.

This has a great formula, but it dries to a rubbery/satiny finish, so unless you like that look, a top coat is a must.

Almost caught up! And then next week you get to be introduced to the polishes I picked for June!


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