Tri-Polish Challenge Day 13



It’s that time again! *does a dance*


Rules refresher here.

This month’s colors are red, pink, and purple. These are all colors we’ve seen before, but it’s all new polishes this time. The red is NYC Red Velvet Rope, the pink is Color Club Flamingo, and the purple is Simple Pleasures Purple (you surprised?).



For today’s look I attempted a fan brush technique. (After The Fanboy almost destroyed it with fire. He was trying to burn off a few stray bristles and went a little too far.)

I started with two coats of Flamingo, then used the fan brush with the purple and Red Velvet Rope. This is another technique I need to work on because it didn’t come out like the ones I’ve seen. It just came out a huge mess. But, it’s an attempt.


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