Step into Summer Challenge: 3D



Got another post for you tonight! This one is my second entry into the Hobby Polish Bloggers Step into Summer Challenge. The second theme on the list was 3D.



I know this doesn’t look like a summer mani (I see it as more of a fall/winter mani myself), but the colors just worked well.

So, I’d mentioned on an old post on the blog (this one, to be exact, my first time using flocking powder) that I wasn’t one to use anything other than polish on my nails. I was against using rhinestones/studs/loose glitter.

Well, ever since I started using the flocking powder, I’ve changed my tune, and want to try everything I had sworn against in the past.

And this is my first foray into studs. I picked up a little Color Club Art Club kit at work the other day. It came with two stripers (colors I don’t already own, bonus!), two sets of nail decals, and a jar of studs (though The Fanboy and I both agree that I got a bit of a raw deal, since the jar is mostly foam).

Anyway, I started with one coat of Nina Ultra Pro in Emerald City, then added top coat to them. Then on the accent nails I placed the studs in, then added a second coat of top coat to secure them.

And I can’t stop looking at them, I love them, which goes against everything I said back in August of last year, but I do. I’m actually still wearing them right now, and even did my left hand to match (I haven’t done a manicure to actually wear in about two months, so that’s saying a lot.)

And a funny story: When The Fanboy got home from work and first saw my mani, he commented that it reminded him of the Emerald City, which caused me to laugh and go, “That’s the name of the polish I used!”

Check out what the other lovely ladies have done for the challenge below:


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