Step into Summer Challenge: Neon



I totally meant to get this up earlier, I’m already (barely) into Tuesday. Oh well. Had more important things to do. Like laundry and cooking dinner. (And it didn’t help that I redid this look three times.)

Anyway, this is for the Step into Summer challenge and this was for the neon theme. (However, I’m not also using this as my last mani for TNCC’s neon theme, I have a more creative idea for that one.)

Before I get into what I did do, I wanna go over what I attempted and ended up not doing. First, I was gonna do a nude and neon striping tape manicure, but a) it ended up not working and led to polish in places it shouldn’t be, and b) I decided I wanted to save the more creative manicure for my TNCC challenge post. Then, I was going to do something with texture (since I own Sally Hansen Sugar Fix, which is white), but for some reason, maybe the neon polish was drying too slow or something, but I was losing the texture after applying the neon polish. So I went with this:




Neon crackle skittles. Simple, but fits the theme.

I started with NYC French White Tip on all my nails, then from my thumb to my pinky did Simply Sweet Bright Pink, DARE Colors Natural Flirt, Simple Pleasures Neon Orange, DARE Colors Social Magnet and Simply Sweet Bright Green. I then applied Sally Hansen Ink Splatter to all my nails.

I’m not entirely pleased with the look (since it was so last minute and lacked all creativity), but it works.

Check out what the other ladies have done below:


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