Step into Summer Challenge: Favorite Summer Fruit



Hello! It’s time for another Step into Summer challenge post. Today’s look is Favorite Summer Fruit.



Now, let me start off by saying I actually don’t like fruit. At all. Fruit flavored things, sure, but actual fruit itself I find hard to eat. However, summer makes me think of slushies, and slushies make me think of my last job (a sandwich and slushie place native to Tucson that is so not in Denver. Sad.) and my go-to flavor if I didn’t like any of the others was the strawberry one, so I elected to do strawberry nails today.

I followed this tutorial on YouTube to do the strawberries with some minor changes. First, I didn’t do the flower and vine on the ring finger like in the video. Second, I don’t own any nail art pens so I did the seeds with a Sharpie. Works just as well, and for a fraction of the cost!

The red is Color Club Mamba and the leaves are acrylic paint. I tried to keep the triangular shape of the leaves but it got all muddled. Still looks good to me. (The Craft Project Ideas acrylics are hard to work with for some reason, and that’s the brand my white is. Imagine trying to work with a very streaky, patchy, and draggy nail polish, and that’s what working with the Craft Project Idea acrylics is like.)

Also, as a joke, I have this:



When I was talking to The Fanboy about the theme today, and I said I was going to do strawberry nails, the following happened:

FB: But then that’s lying! You don’t like strawberries!
Me: That would mean doing nothing on my nails at all!
FB: At least that’s more accurate!

So, I got snarky and told him I would still do my strawberry nails as my true entry for the challenge, but I would also post my naked nails (well, they have a coat of my Color Club top coat on so they’re still polished) so I could be “accurate.” So, there you go.

Check out what the other ladies have done below:


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