Alien Puppies



Hello everyone! I’ve got an early morning treat for you guys! This is my final look for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Neon theme.




For today’s look I decided on neon aliens! I was inspired by a post on Chalkboard Nails, but with some variation (I don’t own any Fuzzy Coat polishes for example).

I started with two coats of NYC French White Tip on all my fingers, then I did the aliens with acrylic paint (Neon Green, Neon Yellow, and Neon Pink for the bodies, black for the antennae, mouths, and parts of the eyes, white for the rest of the eyes).

My favorite is the index finger, and then the pinky surprisingly. The other ones have… issues, lol.

And then there was the whole deal of The Fanboy thinking they were meant to be puppies instead of aliens (though I relented and said they could be alien puppies), and that the thumb kind of looks like the Cookie Monster. Oh well.

Anyway, check out the other looks below, and keep and eye out for next month’s theme, which is flowers:


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