Sunday Stamping: Patriotic



Hey everyone!

It’s Sunday so it’s time for an AIS themed stamping mani! This week’s theme was either Canada Day (which is tomorrow) or American Independence Day (which is Thursday).

Since I’m a born and bred American, I went with an Independence Day mani.




I started with NYC French White Tip on all my nails. On my pointer and middle fingers, I taped off stripes with my striping tape and added a coat of Color Club Mamba. On my pinkie, I stamped with Revlon Royal using Salon Express plate SE22. On my thumb and ring finger, I stamped with Royal and Shades of the Season Red using Hollywood Nails plate HN04-A. I originally tried to use their HN07-A plate (which is designed for multicolor stamping by people who don’t normally stamp, and contains a smaller version of the stamp I did use) with the stamping machine that came with the kit, but I was have major issues with it, I’ll have to work on it a little more. (Though I do have to say, the stamper that comes with the kit rocks. It’s a squishy stamper and IDK if I can go back now. I pull it out and use it by itself.)

I was also trying to use the lines pattern from my Claire’s full nail plate on the red nails, but the stripes were too small and I didn’t like the look. Oh well, 3 out of 5 stamped nails is not bad, not bad at all.

So I have quite a few Independence Day looks for you up until Thursday, then we’ll see. I do have a surprise on Saturday though.


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