It’s Mah Blogiversary!



That’s right! My very first post on the blog was on July 28, 2012. I’ve come a long way from that first post, I think, and I’m excited that I’ve made it this far with this little project of mine that I started on a whim because a friend did.

There WILL be a blogiversary giveaway, but unfortunately I’m not in a spot financially where I can have the prizes ready just yet, so it won’t be going live today, but it will happen.

Sunday Stamping post is coming up as usual.

Small Saturday: Claire’s Blue



Hello! How is everyone this Saturday evening? I’m listening to an advanced stream of the new Backstreet Boys album on Pandora, so I am a very happy girl right now.

I’m also introducing a new feature to the blog, Small Saturday! With this feature I’ll be showing off one of the minis (at least, I might do nail art as well) in my stash.

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