Happy 4th of July!



So, this is what happens when you wait until your nails are worse for the wear to blog about them. I do apologize, but this was after a full shift of work and breaking two of them (they’ve now been nubbinized.)

Anyway, Happy 4th of July to all my American readers, and to everyone else, Happy Thursday! I had to work tonight, and The Fanboy’s not home, so I ate leftovers and watched YouTube. Oh and I did my nails.

I decided, after all the fancy manis I did, on a skittlette mani for today. This was mostly because I wanted something I’d easily be able to do on both hands since I wanted to actually wear it today.


(*sigh* Proof that these polishes do not last very well.)

On my thumb and pinkie I used Shades of the Season Red, on my index and middle fingers I used NYC French White Tip, and on my middle finger I used Nina Ultra Pro Blu Blaze.

I actually really like the simplicity of it, and got a lot of comments.

Hope you guys had a safe holiday!


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