Swatch Week Part One: L’Oreal Hudson Sunset



Hello hello! So, I noticed a week or so ago I’m seriously lacking in something on my blog. And that’s pure, simple swatches. I do a lot of nail art, but I never get to showcase the lovlies I use for said nail art.

There will be 10 featured polishes from today until Friday. All different brands, a multitude of finishes, and many different price points.

For the first swatch, I have a new polish, and a brand that I haven’t had in my collection until now: L’Oreal Hudson Sunset.



Two coats plus top coat.

Hudson Sunset is a medium brown creme, and is the brown polish I didn’t realize I needed in my collection until I bought it. I’ve been wanting to try L’Oreal polishes for a while, but didn’t want to spend the $5 they are and get a bad product. So, when I saw a four pack of them at work for $7.99, I couldn’t resist.

The brush is a little stiff, so it goes on a bit streaky, but it self levels so it makes up for that.

As I’d mentioned on Twitter, I had been attempting a brown to nude ombre manicure last month, but happened to be one shade short of a perfect set of five. I believe this was the “missing link,” the color I was needing to complete the ombre. I’ll have to look and see.

As for finding this polish, it looks like it was part of L’Oreal’s LE New York Nudes collection from last year, so if you happen to see one of these four packs at your local discount store (I work at a Burlington Coat Factory, so I’d check there first), pick it up, since this is a discontinued shade.

Check back later tonight, and the rest of this week, for the other swatches.


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