Swatch Week Part Two: Milani Purple Streak


(I assure you my posts won’t be as close together the rest of the week)

Hello again! I come bearing part two of my ten part Swatch Week extravaganza.

Next up is Milani Purple Streak



Two coats, no top coat

Purple Streak is an (obviously) purple textured creme. I was a little “meh” at first about the texture trend. The Liquid Sands did nothing for me and I was going to write it off as something I wouldn’t enjoy.

And then Milani threw their hat in the textured polish ring and did it a wee bit differently than OPI (or even Zoya, who came in second in the textured game), and I had to had them.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve mentioned it before, but creme polishes are my one true polish love. I own shimmers and duochromes and glitters and jellies and such, but I’ll pick a basic creme over any of those any day of the week. So when Milani took that and added texture to it, I needed it in my life. In the end, I only own two of them (I wanted the whole collection), but that’s okay. Other brands are filling in the void.

As for Purple Streak, application was flawless but I do stress that thin, even coats are needed otherwise it’ll take forever to dry to that gritty, sandy finish this polish is known for. It is, however, worth it in the end.


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