Swatch Week Part Ten: elf Nude



We’re done! Finally. I’m excited to get back into doing nail art.

I started with a brown, so appropriately I’m ending with a brown. (Well, it’s a nude, but that’s just a very light brown. Right?)

This is elf Nude.



Two coats plus top coat.

True to its name, this is a perfect nude (for someone, anyway, it doesn’t give me as strong of mannequin hands as I thought it did). The formula on this one is pretty thick, so you can probably get away with one coat if your nails are similar to my size or smaller, but I used two to smooth out a few rough patches.

And there you have it, swatch week has finished, and I now have a pretty decent set of swatches under my belt, but I tend to have more fun with the nail art and stamping, so it’ll be business as usual starting tomorrow with my second TNCC mani.


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