Demon Child Mani, I Swear



For this week’s Nail Challenge Collaborative mani, I was going for something simple. And I got simple, but at a price.

This was the manicure from HELL. HELL, I tell you.



Okay, so, I started off with Revlon Ignite, a metallic red with rich pigmentation. I then added on some 3D flower glitter from my the set I picked up at Dollar Tree last month, then added some top coat to seal everything in. Very simple, right?


It started with me doing what I’ve always done despite The Fanboy warning me it’s a bad, bad idea: Setting my working bottle on the trackpad for my laptop, which is on my bed. The buttons usually act as a slight barrier and keep the bottle in place, but I’d noticed that for whatever reason, the setup I had last night wasn’t allowing that to happen, but I wasn’t thinking anything of it.

Until half my bottle of Ignite was on my bed, ruining my sheets (red fast dry nail polish + white cotton sheets = done for sheets no matter how quickly you reach for the acetone, and I reached quickly). Ugh.

Then, while I was cleaning that up, either The Fanboy or I knocked my open bottle of glitter into my nightstand drawer, causing me to freak out as I looked for it, and then have to clean it up.

AND THEN, while I was waiting for it to dry cause I planned to actually wear this mani, I totally destroyed my pointer finger opening up some candy, and had to redo it. At that point, I just said screw it, redid the pointer, took the photos and took it off. I was DONE, and it was already at least 3am at that point.

*sigh* Anyway, check out what the other ladies have done below, and tomorrow I have a new Sunday Stamping for you guys (which’ll also mean back to back TNCC posts, since I’ll be using it)


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