Tri-Polish Challenge Day 17



Hello hello! It’s that time again!


Da rules!

This month’s colors were blue, blue, and green. (Yes, two different blues.) The polishes I chose were LA Colors Static Electricity, Nina Ultra Pro Blu Blaze, and Spoiled Permission to Proceed. (Or how I decided to drive myself crazy by picking three jellies this month.)



Since I did decide to go with all jellies this month, I will be kinda breaking my own rules (except not really) and using white underwear as much as I can. (I say not really because I don’t count it if I don’t end up seeing the underwear color in the end).

For this mani I started with a base of NYC French White Tip, then sponged on, from cuticle to tip, Blu Blaze, Static Electricity, and Permission to Proceed. Smoothed it out with a glossy top coat, then mattified it.

This is one of my better gradients. I’m really proud of it.

Check out the other Tri-Polish manis below:


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