Manis After Midnight: NYC Little Italy



Why hello so soon, or something. I have another new feature on the blog, Manis After Midnight, where I post a mani in the wee hours of the morning for my night owl and international followers.

First up, I have NYC Little Italy



Two coats plus top coat.

Little Italy was released in the introductory batch of NYC’s In a Minute line, all the way back in 2008. It’s a white polish, but it’s not in your face white. I actually picked it up at a Dollar Tree when I first started my collection, in a two pack.

So, I have a story about this polish. This polish is exactly the type of polish (white but not that “stark, in your face, looks like you’re wearing correction fluid” white) I had been lemming for about three weeks. I was about to go and buy a bottle of Nicole by OPI Others Pale By Kim-Parison, which this polish is kind of a dupe for, at four times the price I’m seeing this one for (and I want to buy backups of. I may have five bottles in my Amazon cart right now). I honestly thought I didn’t have a polish like this in my stash until I pulled my bottle of Little Italy out and studied it. Then I kicked myself for swearing I didn’t have this, then was happy I did have it. Then was sad because it’s already half empty.

The formula was a little thick, but that may be due to the age of the polish (I did thin it out), and it’s a little streaky, but that’s typical of white polishes, but it evens itself out in the end.

Also, putting this polish up against my current go to stark white (Another NYC polish, French White Tip from their Long Wearing Line) on a fake nail to show the difference to The Fanboy prompted me to want to do a bit of a “War of the Whites” post (which also prompted me to do a “Battle of the Blacks” as well, but that’ll come later), so we’ll see.


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